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Analysis of the evolution of traffic in the connecting tunnel between junctions in the Port of Valencia

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Valencia Port Authority - Spain


The main objective of the contract consisted of planning and designing a computer programme that would be capable of generating studies of the evolution of traffic in the connecting tunnel between junctions in the Port of Valencia.


The work was conducted out in three separate stages:

  • STAGE I: Mobility analysis of the setting. Design of sample reports presented by the application.
  • STAGE II: Design and programming of the AETRAP application. Staff deployment and training.
  • STAGE III: Definition of protocol and development of a complementary computer module for reconstructing data.


The periodic studies obtained with this AETRAP application process and analyse past data, as a means to obtaining evolutive graphics, to analysing average intensity by type of day, as well as the evolution over weeks and months, producing specific values of previously selected periods. The following are analyzed:

  • Daily time allocation.
  • Peak times.
  • Average speeds.
  • Relationship between road demand/capacity.

Each analysis distinguishes between light and heavy vehicles given the significance of the latter in the access to the Port of Valencia.

This is a full study for days of the week, as well as a summary of the most relevant data from each.


Data self-loading.

  • Automatic loading of data into the database from an spreadsheet, data by minutes from 4 detectors, 1,440 daily reports. Over 6,000,000 data per year.

Detection and automatic reconstruction of missing or defective data.

  • Automatic detection in the data downloaded of the absence or defects in this data and its reconstruction based on past data averages by type of day and hours, for all the regist ered parameters, with correction factors.

Performance of the complete study.

  • The application allows a full traffic study, by selecting the date of the study in a calendar year from which past traffic evolution data is to be compared. The application allows the following documents to be either viewed on screen or in PDF format: full study, summary of overall data, listing data reconstructed with the method employed and a situation plan of the equipment.

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