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Consolidation of the NE site - South extension of the Port of Valencia

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Valencia Port Authority - Spain


The objective of this work was execution of the filling consolidation of a plot of land with an area of 130,000 m2 in the extension of the Southern Dock of the Valencian Port in order to leave said surface consolidated and useful for its exploitation. Performing the tasks established in the Royal Decree 1627/1997 of October 24th, the project will also include the previous revision of the Health and Safety Plan with the drafting of the corrections report thereto, the favorable report of the Plan, and the monitoring of the work through field visits and drafting of field-visit reports.


Technical Assistance and Health and Safety Coordination The Works were developed in three phases

  • Improving the 4 meters of enclosure mud surface, mixing them with cement, creating a crust.
  • Hinges of vertical drains whose objective is the dissipation of the interstitial pressures of the sludge, with a horizontal drainage network (which includes draining mantle, collecting ditches, wells and pipelines from them to the outside), for the evacuation of the water collected by the cited vertical drains.
  • Arrangement of a preload weight greater than the sum of the port firm and the containers, so that the sludge acquires sufficient strength and reduces its deformability.


  • Geometric Control
  • Economic Control
  • Quality Control of Materials
  • Initial Report of the Project

  • Monthly Reports
  • Modified Projects
  • Liquidation Projects of the work
  • Price Revisions

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