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Mobility and Traffic Studies

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Analyze the proposed road layout for the Road Accessibility Study in the scope of action, from the point of view of the geometric layout (sections, floor plans), the same capacity (allocation of mobility based on the departure date), mobility in general (public transport, its importance and proposals; private transport, its role and influence); pedestrianism (importance in routes through the secondary network, cycling itineraries, etc.), and other recommendations.


  • Evaluate the potential increase of caused or induced movements through future development of new sectors.
  • Absorption capacity of the road network.
  • Analyze the proposed road layout.
  • Development of a traffic and mobility study.

  • Plan and analyze the possible alternatives to provide accessibility to the planned urban sector.
  • Assess and solve the implementation of a traffic light system.
  • Computer simulation of both the current situation and the future signaling situation.

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