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Pinar Beach Coastal Park Area

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Generalitat Valenciana - Regional Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport - Spain


The work objective is to recover the Pine Woods with the characteristic environment of the beach dunes for the community, and create a Coastal Park integrated into the beach and the adjacent green infrastructure, displacing, likewise, the road traffic and the vehicle parking lot to the subsequent roads, clearing the coast and widening the seafront promenade.


The Beachfront Park of Pine Beach is made up of a washed concrete beachfront promenade combined with Elondo wood. In the higher areas of the promenade, concrete bleachers lined with wood have been installed. The implemented installations have been supply, lighting, irrigation networks, low voltage and rain collectors on the streets adjoining the park.

In total, it includes a large green leisurely space where an important dune regeneration was executed on 1,800 meters of coastline, characteristic of the Comunidad Valencia beaches, with the planting of more than 3,000 trees and the installation of complete urban features.

The basic criteria that have governed the design of the beachfront park are the following:

  • Creation of a zone integrated between the green zone, beach and sea of approximately 185,000 m2.
  • Continuation of the traditional pine forest with the beach connecting the Pine forest to the beach.
  • Connection of the pedestrian route to the sea, through wooden walkways.
  • Improvement of the accessibility and features, with a design heavily integrated into the park that surrounds it.
  • Creation of a beachfront promenade carefully designed to achieve an orderly and palatable route with changing views of the sea, accompanied by the diversity of topography and vegetation.

  • Geometric Control
  • Economic Control
  • Quality Control of Materials
  • Initial and Final Report
  • Monthly Reports
  • Modified Project No. 1
  • Liquidation Project of the Work
  • Price Revisions

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