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Rambla John Kennedy Sanitation Network

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Intendencia Departamental de Artigas - Uruguay


The aim of the contract is to draft the Implementation Project for defining the works necessary for implementing a sanitation network on the blocks adjacent to the Rambla John F. Kennedy. The sanitation network to be implemented must provide service to the blocks bordering on the Rambla John Kennedy which is a perimeter road running for 2km and separating blocks at the northeast end of the city of Río Cuareim.


The project consists of the implementation of an independent sanitation system, with a main sewer located on the Rambla Kennedy, which will be divided so that three collection points are established on the secondary sewers network that will collect the local area’s effluents. Two collection points will coincide with the lowest points of the road layout, where the small pumping stations will be located for moving the effluents towards two different sections of the sewer network located in the area adjacent to the project area. This existing network channels effluents by gravity towards the OSE treatment plant, the handling capacity of which was already prepared for receiving the effluents from the Rambla Kennedy area. The third collection point is one of the sewers planned in the Artigas National Sanitation Programme.

The following elements are included in this comprehensive urban planning initiative:

  • Sanitation system of the Rambla John F. Kennedy.
  • Reforestation of the banks of the River Cuareim and creation of public protected green areas
  • Recovery of public areas on the Banks of the River Cuareim in the Aparicio Saravia area
  • Recovery and provision of facilities for public use in areas surrounding the Municipal Stadium
  • Projects linked to this initiative: Treatment and final waste disposal plant for effluents of the OSE, New heavy goods vehicles access to the international bridge and Dredging of the River Cuareim

  • Land surveying
  • Calculation of drainage works
  • Road network
  • Pavings
  • Lighting network
  • Legal feasibility
  • Environmental impact
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Financial assessment

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