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Tibi reservoir and Monnegre river

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Jucar River Water Confederation - Spain


The main objective of the actions to be carried out at Tibi´s Reservoir is to preserve and disseminate among the population the natural, environmental and cultural values of the area. For this purpose, the left margin of the reservoir, as it is the most conveniently located in the area, is to be made an orderly and adequate space for the enjoyment of the area in conditions of quality and safety.


The Tibi reservoir is between the Mos del Bou and La Cresta Hills; constructed between 1580 and 1594, it is one of the oldest reservoirs of Europe. A series of actions are aimed to improve the landscape and environment and its use to the public in order to develop recovery of the landscape.

The actions designed to improve the reservoir’s environmental conditions are centered around the reforestation on the reservoir´s hillside slope using Mediterranean species, both on the forest and riverside. This provides stabilization of the high unstable slopes through restitution of the natural channel of the drainage network and the application of bioengineering techniques (fiber rolls and floating islands) that improve the potential of the habitats located near the water surface.

In terms of actions to improve public use, the actions defined in the Project allow a distributive use of the location due to improving road access at this location, refurbishment of a recreational area, organization and signage of pedestrian routes, the accessibility improvement to fishing spots and the creation of scenic and ornithological viewpoints. At the same time, the visitor’s knowledge about the area will increase through the renovation of the Alcomia House into a Visitor Reception Center.

  • Topographic survey
  • Geotechnical Survey
  • Hydraulic modeling of the drainage network
  • Ranking of pedestrian and road routes
  • Calculate structures: masonry walls, buildings and walkways
  • Generation of scenic viewpoints and birds
  • Inventory of flora and fauna
  • Stabilization of instable slope
  • Approval of a recreation area
  • Reforestation of the hillside slopes of the reservoir.
  • Design of the Visitor Reception Center
  • Refurbishment of fishing spots
  • Facilities calculation: supply, sanitation, and light

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