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Aguas del Júcar, SA - Spain


The objective of the lower section connection of the Jucar River to Section V (New piping Juvar-Vianlopo) is located in the municipalities of Mogente and Fuente la Higuera. It mostly passes through farmland. As an exception, it may be necessary to cross several ravines and rivers in which case an aqueduct will be installed at the crossing of the Roig river, Barranco de la Hoz, the gorge of la Hoz, and the stream of Tío Antonio. The use of the water is intended for irrigation, not for human consumption.

  • Geometric Control
  • Economic Control
  • Material Quality Control
  • Initial and final work report
  • Monthly reports
  • Execution of the Quality Self-Control Plan
  • Project Liquidation of the Work
  • Price Revisions


The pumping equipment of the Mogente fire station is composed of 4+1 pumps with a required gauge height of 308.61 m. For the flow of 4.5 m3/s, a protection against the water hammer produced by the stoppage of the pumps has been designed, consisting of three 35 m3 tanks and their corresponding orifice plates.

The pipeline included in section E is divided into two hydraulically separate sections:

  • Coastal intake: begins at the confluence with section D and reaches the new Mogente reservoir with a volume equal to 30,000 m3, with a bypass planned from entry to the reservoir to the Mogente pumping station. The length of the pipeline is 2,415.42 m.
  • Venta del Potro intake : begins at the Mogente pumping station and reaches the existing plant in the Ramblar, with a length of 15,378.69 m

The central Rambla is where former section V begins leading to the San Diego branch, followed by section VI running to the central Florines. Section VII includes a branch to the San Diego pool. These three sections operate by gravity and have already been implemented. Their usage ensures the functionality of the new pipeline by providing the same crossover point that was contemplated in the original project that included intake from the Cortes reservoir.

The flow for which the pipeline is designed is 4.5 m3 / s, while the pipeline can handle up to 5.6 m3 / s.

The pumping equipment at Mogente consists of 4 +1 pumps with a required manometric head of 308.61 m.

For the flow of 4.5 m3 / s, protection against the water hammer has been designed, in the event of the pumps stopping, consisting of three 35 m3 boilers and their corresponding orifice plates.

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