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General Traffic Directorate DGT - Spain


The expansion of the implementation of ITS systems in the Spanish road network and the increasing complexity of managing and operating from the Traffic Management Centre, among other reasons caused by rapid technological change and the complexity inherent in the development of systems with breakthrough worldwide technologies, required, on the part of the DGT, a comprehensive team of highly technical and skilled specialists, which the Administration in general and the General Directorate of Traffic in particular, were lacking.


CPS Ingenieros has worked for the Traffic Management Centre in Valencia since 2002, in Zaragoza and Valladolid since 2005, and in Madrid, Malaga and the Southwest since 2009, thus contributing to the DGT in the management of different data collection systems, information and traffic control.

Work in the Valencia Traffic Management Centre from 2002 was highly valued by management and endorsed by obtaining new contracts in the Traffic Management Center of Valladolid and Zaragoza in July 2005. In October 2009, as further confirmation of the excellent work carried out over the years in the Traffic Management Centres listed above, new contracts in the Traffic Management Centres in Madrid, Malaga and the Southwest were won.


  • The work carried out has been highly valued by the State Administration.
  • The work carried out is developed in a technological environment with the latest trends and resources existing in Traffic Management Centres. Many different traffic management systems are used, help, data processing and communication with the public and the media.
  • The Management Centre is comprised of a multidisciplinary team established by CPS consisting of Civil Engineers, Public Works Engineers, Telecommunications Engineers, Computer programming specialists and software and systems management technicians, Business Administration and Management technicians, Journalists, Economists, administrative staff and translators.
  • Within the wide range of tasks carried out within the traffic management centre are creation and management of databases and applications, traffic studies, reports, mobility, special operations, anticipated long-distance traffic flow ...


COTRASMA application for management and control in adverse weather conditions

  • This application enables real-time consultation as well as historical traffic data, weather data and incidents. Displays weather variables, traffic variables or incidents allowing a combination of the two, and generates graphs of great interest for the study of both real-time traffic and for further analysis in adverse weather conditions.

Long Distance Traffic Management Application

  • This is an application for making predictions and subsequent studies on long-distance traffic movements in the peninsula through automated data collection of the average daily traffic of 45 measurement points that were established for analysis. The application provides visual tools such as like Percentage Maps, Intensity maps, etc.

CEIR Application

  • The objective of the CEIR application (Data Collection and Preparation of Congestion Studies) is to facilitate the reporting of congestion in Valencia or its provinces. Congestion Reports prepared are of two types: Weekend Congestion and Special Operations Congestion.

ADT Reports Application

  • Application for the generation of average daily traffic data with either real or virtual measurement points, whereby the measurement points or sections required can be selected and entered. There is also another function whereby Maps can be generated with sections marked by a measurement point showing the map in terms of average speed, cu rrent vehicles and heavy vehicles.

Ring Road Application

  • This application is being used in the Zaragoza Traffic Management Centre for monitoring traffic intensity on the northbound ring road, and provides information to users about intensities on different sections of the Z-40 ring road.

Signalling Application

  • This is an application that shows a map of the catchment area of the CGT , displaying the provinces of Aragon and its road network. By using the zoom function all the signs of access routes to Zaragoza, both entry and exit routes can be seen. The application also contains photographs and a search option.

Application for maintenance of ITS equipment

  • Application for displaying data from ITS equipment , by type of equipment, roadway, provinces ... Data is shown either in tabular or graphical format. It also allows the display of equipment on maps based on the coordinates of the teams that are stored in the database

CGT portal

  • This is an application that facilitates and includes the basic functions of the job of staff working in the control room . An application that allows Web interface via a basic work scheme, efficient access to documents, including fatal accident applications, messaging between members of the Control Room and call logging.

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