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Environmental Adjustment Centre in the Almenara marshlands

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Regional Housing and Land Use Department - Spain


Technical Assistance for Management, Control and Surveillance for a suitable environment, learning nature classroom and a visitor center for the Almenara Marsh.


The work takes place in Els Estanys of Almenara, emblematic of Almenara Marsh, the Red Natura is included within the space and the project’s principal objective is the environmental restitution of an area of about 10 ha, which was artificially dried for years due to intensive agricultural use.

  • Geometric Control
  • Economic Control
  • Material Quality Control
  • Monthly Reports
  • Initial and Final Work Report
  • Conference Communication
  • Processing of Environmental Reports
  • Modified Project No. 1
  • Follow-up of Work Execution
  • Price Revisions
  • Photographic Report
  • Design and Writing of Subject Posters

The environmental recovery of the “Els Estanys” enclave, located in the Almenara Marsh, is built in an environment of great ecological and scenic value. Human activity, mainly agriculture, caused a significant reduction of the surface area and a slow degradation during the last decades, in order to improve its physical conditions, preserve its ecological values and become more known among the local population.

The fragility of the existing flora and fauna species, together with the numerous cataloged habitats of interest in the humid area, were under strict control and surveillance as part of the technical assistance during the execution phase to achieve the project objectives and to allow for the correct future ecological functioning of “Els Estanys” of Almenara.

The planned actions, aimed at the restitution of the habitats characteristic of the marsh and its educational use, in a controlled manner, are summarized into the following tasks:

  • Landscaping
  • Suitable Hydraulics of “Els Estanys” of Almenara.
  • Creation and Signaling of Pedestrian Paths
  • Improvement of the hydromorphological conditions of the old agricultural plots in “Els Estanys”.
  • Signaling and information of routes and paths

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