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Works in North BreakWater and South Enclosure - Port of Gandia

Portfolio Detail

Valencia Port Authority - Spain


The purpose of the action is the implementation of control and monitoring of the Project, guaranteeing that they are executed in accordance with the provisions of the Project and are in accordance with regulations.
Perform the tasks established by the Real Degree 1627/1997, of October 24, including the revision of the Health and Safety Plan with corrections added to it and development of the Project follow-up, with the preparation of the field-visit report.


The technical assistance contract contains 3 independent construction projects that aim to:

  • Construction of a final enclosure by installing an enclosure using steel profiles on the walls and concrete pillars and 2 access doors. An anti-scaling fence 3 meters high will also be included in the southeast area.
  • Reconstruction of the type section of the dike by means of a 6T riprap and 50-100 kg riprap, including an Access platform and the resurfacing and replacement of affected services.
  • Laying of fiber optic network to the north zone of the port, including the need of more than 200 m of submarine fiber, installation of a communications rack, electronic equipment and channeling through which drive the new network.

  • Geometric Control
  • Economic Control
  • Material Quality Control
  • Technical calculations necessary during the progress
  • Monthly Reports
  • Safety and Health Control of the work
  • Liquidation Project for the work
  • Price reviews, when appropriate

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