Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

More than 30 years of experience in Civil Works endorse our experience, intervening in the entire technical process of design and construction, from a study or report, through the drafting of projects, construction management and control and surveillance activities, offering comprehensive coverage to clients in all phases.

We guarantee high quality work, combining technical engineering criteria with urban, aesthetic and landscape criteria. In addition, we consider environmental and social aspects, as well as health and safety, to be essential in all our projects.

We propose innovative solutions that require a highly qualified multidisciplinary team with the ability to adapt to the unique needs of any project.

Linear Works

  • Roads and Highways
  • Links and Intersections
  • Tramways and Railroads
  • BUS-VAO lanes
  • Cycle-Pedestrian Structures and Walkways
  • Conservation and Operation Studies and Projects

Urban Works

  • Road Redevelopment
  • Bike Lanes
  • Horizontal and Vertical Signage
  • Parking
  • Landscaping, Irrigation Network and Sanitation Network
  • Development of Public Road Maintenance Software

Water and Environment

  • Environmental and Expropriation Procedures
  • Environmental and Landscape Restoration
  • Acoustic Studies
  • Water Resources, Hydrological and Floodability Studies
  • Hydraulic Works
  • Waste Management


  • Cantilever overtaking
  • Creation of New Docks
  • Rearrangement of Roads and Accesses
  • Land Consolidations for Future Terminals
  • Dragados

Linear works

The area of Linear Works of CPShas a long track record in all the processes that lead to the construction of a new road infrastructure, from the first study of road planning study and its subsequent development.

Basic Project to the culmination of the process in the Construction Projectwhich is completed with the development of Technical Assistance and Construction Management for each of the for each of the administrations owning the road, which include the Modified Work Projects. Modified Work Projects y corresponding Settlement Projects..

CPS has experience in the development of new road layoutof Roadway duplication and Roadway improvement and improvement for different for different Public Administrations that hold the ownership of the roads.

Water and environment

The Water and Environment Areadevelops its activity by differentiating different lines of work:

Tramitación ambiental de planes y proyectos

Realización de toda la fase de tramitación ambiental de Planes de Transporte Metropolitanos, Planes de Movilidad Urbana Sostenible y de proyectos de ingeniería civil y realización de los procesos de información pública de los mismos hasta tramitación completa para aprobación por órgano competente.


En dicho proceso, CPS realiza la totalidad de documentos necesarios en materia de paisaje (Estudios de Integración Paisajística, Estudios de Ordenación Estética y Paisajística, Jardinería y riego…) y documentos ambientales (Documentos de Inicio Ambiental, Estudios de Impacto Ambiental, Informes de Sostenibilidad Ambiental, Estudios de Gestión de Residuos y Estudios Acústicos).

Trámite expropiatorio en proyectos

Elaboración de todo el trámite expropiatorio en proyectos de ingeniería civil.

Cambio climático

Cálculo de la Huella de Carbono y establecimiento de medidas contra el cambio climático en planes de movilidad urbana y en planes de transporte metropolitanos.

Jardinería y paisajismo

Ejecución del diseño de la jardinería y paisajismo de todos los proyectos de ingeniería civil.

Civil Engineering Highlights

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