Our team

Our team

The CPS team employs more than 150 people in different parts of the world. We have a multidisciplinary, multicultural and diverse team that has allowed CPS to grow steadily throughout its 35-year history. We are aware that, in order to continue to achieve our strategic objectives, our competitive advantage are our people and the main factor in the success of CPS.

The satisfaction of our clients and the success of our work is the result of the effort, dedication and talent that the team constantly brings to everything they do. CPS is composed of specialists in engineering, architecture, drafting, programming, business management, administration and different areas of knowledge that, together, allow us to work under a global vision, integrating processes and offering adjusted, coherent and efficient solutions.

Management Team

Sarah Whyte Chairman of the Board of Directors
Gonzalo López Beltrán Chief Executive Officer
Borja López Beltrán Director Dept. Architecture
Gabriel Velasco Ghisleri LATAM Director
Ana Pardo Rabadán Director Dept. Operational Management
Enrique Villalonga Bautista Director Dept. Transportation
Miguel Ángel Langa Ricós Director Dept. Civil
José de Juan Sos Director Dept. Business Development
Juan Boix Fayos Director Dept. Facilities

LATAM Management Team

Francisco Calvo Technical Director CPS LATAM
Claudia Contreras CPS Colombia Delegate
Jesus Guerrero CPS Peru Delegate

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