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Equality Plan

The CPS Equality Plan integrates, in each and every one of the areas in which the company operates, measures related to equality in the selection and promotion processes in the company, training in inclusive language and an egalitarian remuneration policy, always advocating for work-family balance. It also includes the development of a protocol for the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace, among other actions. Turning this plan into an action guide accessible to the entire CPS workforce..


Innovation has always been, and even more so today, a fundamental element in CPS’s business and in our strategy. Generating advanced technological solutions allows us to be more efficient by improving our internal operations and generating better services for our customers, improving their satisfaction and meeting their requirements, while allowing us to create new opportunities.

Innovation in CPS is conceived as an open process, in which any member of the team can propose innovation actions that contribute to improve the company and the services offered to the client. For this purpose, there is a participation mechanism, open all year round.

CPS has an Innovation Committee, whose purpose is to promote the team’s creativity in order to generate new innovative ideas. In order to turn these ideas into feasible and efficient innovation projects, CPS has an Innovation Plan, which establishes the strategic axes that set the course of innovation on an annual basis, with the objective of selecting innovation projects aligned with the company’s strategy.

Integrated Management System

CPS has as its main vision of its activity the excellence in the service it provides to its customers, reviewing its processes and improving them day by day, so that it can also improve the service it provides and the quality of the product it offers, always respecting the environment in its activity, ensuring at all times the safety at work of all its staff and placing special emphasis on innovation as a fundamental tool for the development of all its work.

All of this is reflected in its certified system that integrates Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and R&D&I:

  • Quality Management System based on compliance with the requirements specified in the Standard: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and certified since 1999.
  • Environmental Management System based on compliance with the requirements specified in the Standard: UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 and certified since 2006.
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System based on compliance with the requirements specified in the Standard UNE EN ISO 45001:2018 and certified since 2019.
  • R&D&I Management System based on compliance with the requirements specified in the UNE EN ISO 166002:2021 Standard, and certified since 2023.

Information Security Management System

CPS assumes a firm commitment to the secure handling of information, both its own and that of its clients, with the objective of guaranteeing the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all the information it handles.

Focusing on raising the awareness of the entire team on the importance of the secure management of all confidential information they work with, we direct our efforts towards the continuous improvement of our system to ensure compliance with our requirements and those of our customers.

Anti-bribery Management System

CPS Peru has had an Anti-Bribery Management System in place since 2020, based on integrity and transparency in all its processes and work. This system marks a zero tolerance policy towards corrupt practices or unethical attitudes with respect to relations with public administrations and all types of stakeholders.

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