Integral Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility (PIMUS) of Guayaquil Canton

Integral Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility (PIMUS) of Guayaquil Canton

CPS is carrying out the Update of the Comprehensive Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Guayaquil Canton, which was executed and developed between 2013 and 2019. The PIMUS update aims to provide the city with planning tools for the short, medium and long term, with a horizon scenario up to 2050.

This project aims to integrate, improve and protect all components of urban mobility in Guayaquil, leading to an inclusive, healthy, productive and resilient city. It is also intended to address the following specific objectives:

  • Promote the use of safe, dignified and ecologically responsible public transportation systems and non-motorized modes.
  • Prioritize public transportation over private transportation.
  • Encourage the use of bicycles and micro-mobility vehicles.
  • Road safety education.
  • Improve mobility and accessibility of goods and supply vehicles (loading and unloading).
  • Improve environmental quality and energy savings.
  • Inclusion of the gender perspective.

The update of the PIMUS will propose measures, policies and projects in accordance with the Guayaquil Development and Land Use Plan that promote multimodal transportation, recovery of public spaces, road safety and the reduction of polluting emissions through the promotion of sustainable public transportation systems and urban logistics.

The tasks performed during the work are as follows:

  • Traffic counts and mobility surveys.
  • Field data processing.
  • Training and technical visits.
  • Public participation.
  • Analysis and diagnosis of the current situation.
  • Action Plan.
  • Implementation mechanisms.
  • Monitoring and evaluation plan.

Integral Plan for Sustainable Urban Mobility (PIMUS) of Guayaquil Canton


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