New National Police Station in Yecla, Murcia, Spain.

New National Police Station in Yecla, Murcia, Spain.

CPS performs the execution management, health and safety coordination, environmental monitoring and technical assistance to the construction management of the new National Police station in Yecla (Murcia).

The planned building will be constructed on a rectangular site 53.5 m long by 26.00 m wide where the city’s old slaughterhouse was located. The new police station will have a total built area of 2486.58m2 of which 2261.60m2 will be usable.

The building is designed based on two premises, one that the main access is through Avda. Literato Azorín, which is the main facade of the slaughterhouse to be rehabilitated, and another that the workspaces and rooms outside the public service, have the greatest possible privacy.

The new police station corresponds to the typology of an administrative building, consisting of 3 floors above ground divided into:

Basement floor (968.00m2 sup. useful) parking lot, detention area, document archiving area, facilities rooms, storage rooms and staff locker rooms.

Ground floor (923.96m2 sup. useful) is organized in three strips, the first one is accessed from Avda. Literato Azorín where all the areas related to customer service are located, an intermediate strip where there are rooms for common use by the building’s employees where the circulation areas, the briefing room, the stairs, the elevator and the toilets are located, as well as a last strip at the back of the plot where the work areas are located.

Second floor (231.81m2 sup. useful) is organized in two functional strips, one for staff rest and the other for the building’s management and administration area.

Second floor (137.83m2 sup. useful) the housing of the head of the unit with independent access is located.

The installations foreseen in the project are as follows:

  • Medium Voltage connection, with Switching Center and Transformer Substation.
  • Low-voltage installation, with mains supply, generator and UPS.
  • Photovoltaic solar installation.
  • Separate sewage system, with drainage pumps for basement collection.
  • Drinking water supply.
  • DHW production by means of solar thermal energy.
  • Air conditioning by means of a VRV system.
  • Interior ventilation by means of recuperators.
  • Independent ventilation for parking.

New National Police Station in Yecla, Murcia, Spain.


Murcia, España


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