Direct connection between V-30 and A-3 in direction Madrid

Direct connection between V-30 and A-3 direction Madrid

CPS has developed the drafting of the design and construction of the direct connection between the V-30 and the A-3, Madrid direction, crossing the new Turia riverbed.

The projected solution allows the direct execution of the Port of Valencia – Madrid movement by means of a new two-lane inner loop branch line that continues with its own lanes on the new bridge over the new Turia riverbed, eliminating the existing braiding.

The projected action includes the remodeling of the V-30 junction with the A-3, as well as the widening of the A-3 highway to four lanes in the Madrid direction from this junction to the airport access junction for an approximate length of 2.2 km.

The remodeling of the junction is necessary to establish a solution that allows a new direct connection from the V-30 to the A-3 towards Madrid while maintaining the functionality and the current movements of the junction and taking advantage of the available space, since the junction is located in a strongly consolidated area. This movement takes place through a new structure over the Turia River that also serves to bridge the crossing over the V-30. As a result, the rest of the connecting branches are affected and must adjust their route to maintain movements.

The project requires the construction of a bridge over the new Turia riverbed parallel to the existing one, an underpass under the A-3 at its entrance to Valencia, and the remodeling or construction of four new pedestrian structures, as well as the replacement of important services that run along the median and branches of this junction, which is the access to the city from Madrid via Avenida del Cid.

It also includes a new transfer lane between carriageways on the V-30, the creation of new pedestrian cycle routes and the implementation of noise protection measures in the urban environment of the project.

Direct connection between V-30 and A-3 direction Madrid


Valencia - España


Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana

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Noviembre 2021 – Diciembre 2022

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