New Júcar – Vinalopó pipeline. Section E

New Júcar - Vinalopó pipeline. Section E

CPS provided technical assistance to the project management for the connection of the lower course of the Júcar River with Section V (New Júcar Vinalopó Pipeline) located in the municipalities of Mogente and Fuente de la Higuera, Valencia.

The pipeline included in section E is divided into two hydraulically independent sections:

  • Coastal impulsion: begins at the junction with section D and reaches the new Mogente reservoir with a volume equal to 30,000m3, with a by-pass projected from the entrance to the reservoir to the Mogente pumping station. The length of the pipeline to the water tank is 2,415.42m.
  • Venta del Potro pumping station: it starts at the Mogente pumping station and reaches the existing power plant at El Ramblar, with a length of 15,378.69m.

The former Section V starts at the Ramblar power plant and runs to the San Diego diversion, followed by Section VI, which reaches the Florines power plant. Section VII includes the diversion to the San Diego reservoir as well as the reservoir itself. These three sections are gravity-fed and are currently under construction. Its use guarantees the functionality of the new pipeline as the same delivery point considered in the original project, which contemplated an intake at the Cortes reservoir, is foreseen.

The design flow rate of the pipeline is 4.5 m3/s, although the pipeline is tested for a flow rate of 5.6m3/s.

The pumping equipment at the Mogente station consists of 4+1 pumps with a required manometric head of 308.61m. For the 4.5 m3/s flow rate, a protection against water hammer caused by pump shutdown has been designed, consisting of three 35 m3 tanks and their corresponding orifice plates.

Tasks performed:

  • Geometric control.
  • Economic control.
  • Quality control of materials.
  • Initial and final report of the work.
  • Monthly reports.
  • Execution of Quality Self-control Plan.
  • Project liquidation of the work
  • Revision of prices.

New Júcar - Vinalopó pipeline. Section E


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