Section 3 of the Carrera Séptima Green Corridor in Bogota

Studies and Design of Section 3 of the Carrera 7ª Green Corridor in Bogota.

CPS Colombia is carrying out the studies and designs for the Carrera Séptima Green Corridor in Bogotá, with the objective of converting one of the most important avenues in the city into an ecological, sustainable and emblematic corridor, favoring pedestrian and bicycle mobility.

In this sense, in terms of mobility, Carrera Séptima Avenue will implement on its cross section a safe infrastructure for pedestrians through wide sidewalks, a bidirectional infrastructure for cyclists generating connectivity with the other bike paths in the sector, an exclusive infrastructure for sustainable public transportation where the use of green technologies is prioritized, and finally the infrastructure for private transportation.

The Carrera Séptima Avenue Green Corridor project is located to the east of the city, starting at 33rd Street and culminating at 200th Street. It has an approximate length of 19.1 kilometers, crossing the districts of Santa Fe, Chapinero and Usaquén.

The Green Corridor project, section 3, from 93A to 200th Street, proposes the integral design of the corridor with an approximate length of 12.5 km, including the 200th Street gateway and the BRT bus stations; optimizing public transportation, tree planting, public space, urban furniture and improving air quality. For the logistical development of section 3, the project was subdivided into four (4) packages as follows: 200th Street Portal Yard, package one (1) from 200th Street to 183rd Street, package two (2) from 183rd Street to 156th Street, package three (3) from 156th Street to 127th Street, and package four (4) from 127th Street to 93A Street.

The purpose of the project is to develop a comprehensive urban project that aims to meet the needs of citizens in terms of mobility, public space and landscaping in accordance with current regulations.

The main characteristics of the “Green Corridor Seal” are the following:

  • A space with its own chromatic identity based on the relationship of hard surfaces in earth and sand colors with the colors of the vegetation of the Bogotá Savannah.
  • Places determined by the profuse presence of vegetation of different sizes that form differentiated strata giving variety to the perception of urban space.
  • The construction of physically attractive places for appropriation by the communities.
  • Transparent transport system stations that blend into the urban space
  • Integration of singular elements (trees, totems) as landmarks.
  • Urban furniture that transcends the existing in the primer and configures urban architectures.

Studies and Design of Section 3 of the Carrera 7ª Green Corridor in Bogota.


Bogotá, Colombia


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